Hi! My name is Miss Leela, welcome to The Maker’s Stash a humble little shop where you will find everything to do with the gentle craft of English Paper Piecing and Slow Stitching. Please have a browse through my range of papers designed and cut by me in my home studio. You will also find English Paper Piecing kits and patterns, as well as sewing notions. Be sure to stop by my Blog where I share musings and inspiration about my creative life and Slow Stitching.

English Paper Piecing is a traditional method of quilt making dating back to the 18th Century. It is a method by which fabric shapes are cut & tacked over a paper template. The shapes are then hand sewn together to form an array of patterns & shapes. This method of quilt making is thought to have arisen out of a need to make economical bedding and is believed to be of English origin. It developed as a way to use leftover scraps from other sewing projects or to reuse second-hand fabrics.

I believe that Slow Stitching Soothes the Soul. English Paper Piecing allows us to escape to a place where time almost stands still. The methodological nature of using hand stitches to connect fabric shapes together goes deeper than just creating a finished item. As we stitch we sew in our memories, each stitch represents a feeling or a thought in time. I invite you to join a community of Makers who embrace and enjoy this gentle craft. At The Maker’s Stash, I hope to pass on and share the tradition of English Paper piecing through the sharing of knowledge and joy.

I have been creating patchwork quilts & miniature patchwork artworks for over 10 years. My signature style is working in Miniature English Paper Piecing, a method of patchwork that is completely hand sewn. A desire to always have the miniature shapes I prefer to use in English Paper Piecing lead me to develop my own range of Paper Pieces. From my home studio in the Blue Mountains, I run The Maker’s Stash, designing English Paper Pieced patterns. I also make a range of handmade items and textile art that I sell.

I worked as an Interior Designer for 15 years.  Growing up I enjoyed many creative pursuits but it wasn’t until my early twenties that I discovered a love for patchwork quilting, & later on crochet, knitting, and embroidery. An only child to two creative parents, I thank my Mumsie for being my greatest craft mentor.

In 2018 I was honored to be featured in the book Flossie Teacake’s Guide to English Paper Piecing by Florence Knapp. I love being a member of such a giving & inspirational community of crafter’s.

If you would like to contact me please do so at my email address themakersstash@gmail.com

Thank you for stopping by, Miss Leela x

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