Half Hexagon Paper Pieces


Pre-cut paper half hexagons for use in English Paper Piecing.



Pre-cut paper half hexagons for use in English Paper Piecing. The half hexagon is a regular polygon. Hexagons are measured along the side. Half hexagons have three equal sides and one long side that is two times the length of the short side.

Half hexagons can be used to create interesting designs. The can be paired with regular hexagons, as well as diamonds and triangles.

English Paper Piecing is a traditional patchwork style that uses hand piecing as the basis for its construction. The fabric is tacked to a paper shape & then the shapes are hand sewn together using a whip stitch. This method makes for very precise piecing.

All of our papers are cut from quality 210gsm paper. We are a small independent business run out of our studio in The Blue Mountains, Australia.

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¼” (Quarter Inch) – 100 pack, 3/8” (Three Eighth Inch) – 100 pack, ½” (Half Inch) – 100 pack, ¾” (Three Quarter Inch) – 50 pack, 1” (One Inch) – 50 pack, ¾” (Three Quarter Inch) – 100 pack, 1” (One Inch) – 100 pack


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