Jewel Paper Pieces


Pre-cut paper jewel shapes for use in English Paper Piecing.



Pre-cut paper jewel shapes for use in English Paper Piecing. Jewel shapes are measured along the shortest side or the jewel ‘base’. The length of the long side of a jewel is twice the length of the short side

Six jewel shapes will make a petal flower block. Jewels can be paired with hexagons and 60 Degree diamonds. When matching jewels with hexagons you use the short side, when matching with 60-degree diamonds use the long side.

English Paper Piecing is a traditional patchwork style that uses hand piecing as the basis for its construction. The fabric is tacked to a paper shape & then the shapes are hand sewn together using a whip stitch. This method makes for very precise piecing.

All of our papers are cut from quality 210gsm paper. We are a small independent business run out of our studio in The Blue Mountains, Australia.

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3/8” (Three Eighth Inch) – 100 pack, ½” (Half Inch) – 100 pack, ¾” (Three Quarter Inch) – 50 pack, 1” (One Inch) – 50 pack, ¾” (Three Quarter Inch) – 100 pack, 1” (One Inch) – 100 pack


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