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Slow Stitcher Profile – Deidre McCollum

This month it’s my pleasure to introduce you to Deidre McCollum. I love Deidre’s use of scrappy fabrics in bold prints and colours in her EPP projects. Her creations are always colourful, bright and cheery, I know you will love them too.

You can follow Deidre on Instagram@quiltyobsession and check out her blog and Etsy Shop.

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Name: Deidra McCollum

Where are you from: My husband, two boys and I live north of Seattle in Washington State

When did you discover your love for EPP? I joined Instagram several years ago to help promote the Etsy shop I was starting at the time.  It wasn’t long until I discovered the amazing community of makers and became inspired to try hexies when I saw others making them.


How did you learn EPP? I read several blogs and tutorials on how to make hexies and ended up trying glue basting.  Basting was so quick and easy, but sewing them together was not as easy, and I didn’t like how they looked at first.  I made one little panel and set it aside for quite a while because I wasn’t sure what to do with it. Actually, I still have that first panel.  But, I couldn’t resist trying again and after finding a thread and needle that worked better for me, I was more successful.  I started with small projects, like pinnies and pouches and was hooked.  So, I started one quilt, then another… and now have three in the works.

What is your favourite EPP shape? Hexies are just so classic and versatile – they can be made into anything!  But, I have fallen hard for the Windchime quilt by Sue Daley.  I have pieced and appliqued all 25 blocks for the quilt top.  Piecing them and adding the applique flowers is next!


Thread or glue baste: I thread baste 1 inch hexies, but glue baste everything else.

What thread and needle do you use? I prefer the smallest needle I can find. I use Bottom Line Thread by Libby Lehman and always, always, always use Unicorn Thread Gloss by RobotMomSews.

Favourite fabrics to use in EPP: I really love using whatever scraps I have on hand for EPP… the scrappier the better.  Lots of quilty friends have shared their precious scraps with me and I love that even tiny pieces can be put to use in EPP projects.


What quilting method do you like to use on your EPP projects? It depends on the project.  I have hand quilted and machine quilted projects… and even used a combination of stitches.

Do you like to embellish you EPP, for example with embroidery stitching? I have embellished a project with embroidery, but it isn’t something that I frequently do.


Do you have a favourite EPP tip to share: I use a set of rainbow clips to organize my pieces after I lay them out.  Then I can throw them into my bag to take on the go, and sew them together in the order I planned without thinking about it too much or referring to a photo.


 Favourite place to EPP: Everywhere!  I EPP in the car, at swim lessons, baseball practice, when I travel for work, in the evenings while I catch up on my favourite shows and in the early morning while it is quiet and everyone else is still asleep.

Favourite thing to watch or listen to while you EPP: Football in the fall, Baseball in the summer.  Shows we watch… Stranger Things, The Marvellous Miss Maisel and This is Us.


Favourite thing to drink/eat while you EPP: Coffee in the morning, Whiskey in the evening.

What is your current EPP work-in-progress: Do I have to name just one?  I am working on a Windchime Quilt, a scrappy Hexie Quilt and a Smitten Quilt.  I have one block from a Mandolin Quilt that I should make into a pillow cover and also a “Ferris Wheel” rainbow EPP panel that has been waiting for a finish.

What is your longest running EPP work-in-progress (or EPP project that took you the longest to finish): True confession… I haven’t yet finished a large EPP Project.  I guess my longest in progress project is my Bonnie & Camille Hexies.  I finally decided to make them into a pillow using denim to separate them.

What is your favourite finished EPP project: I made myself a 241 Tote (pattern by Noodlehead) and made the front panel out of hexies.  It’s so much fun and I love it!


What is on your EPP bucket list? Could be a particular pattern, shape or size: I would love to try tiny 1/4 inch hexies, but I find them so intimidating! I would also love to make a Mandolin or Ice Cream Soda quilt someday.

Are there any other EPPer’s whose work you find inspiring? Lots!  I’ll share first names and Instagram names:  Tori (@cloudtori), Kara (@karakreis), Jennifer (@crimsonconfection), Bec (, Kate (@katebasti) Jessica (@euphoria_jessica) and Jodi (@talesofcloth) come to mind.  I am sure I forgot some as the inspiration and amazing ideas out there really are endless!

If you could travel anywhere in the world to EPP where would you go?  I want to go everywhere so this is really hard to answer. But, I’ll say Australia!  So many inspiring quilters there.