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With the strength and durability of steel, Tulip needles are manufactured using highly detailed precision-processing technology. Tulip needles have a smooth piercing tip enabling easy sewing, a quality crafted eye that prevents thread snagging, and a smooth strong needle shaft that is difficult to bend or break.

  • Milliners Needle Straw Size 10 Big Eye, Size 10 = 0.46 x 40.5mm (6 needles). This is a wonderful needle for English Paper Piecing. The needle eye and shaft are the same thickness, but the eye of the needle is longer making it easier to thread than other milliners needles.


  • Quilting Needles Between, Size 8 = 0.53 x 29.0mm (6 needles). Thin, short needle perfect for quilt stitching.


  • Embroidery Needles Assorted Sharp Tip – #3~#9 Long needle with a shaft same thickness as the eye and a sharp tip. #10 Long and very thin needle perfect for appliqueing. Size 3 = 0.97 x 44.5mm (one piece), Size 4 = 0.91 x 42.9mm (one piece), Size 5 = 0.84 x 41.3mm (one piece), Size 6 = 0.76 x 39.7mm (one piece), Size 7 = 0.69 x 38.1mm (one piece), Size 8 = 0.61 x 36.5mm (one piece), Size 9 = 0.53 x 34.9mm (one piece), Size 10 = 0.46 x 33.3mm (one piece)


  • Chenille Needles Assorted – Sharp needle point and long needle eye are perfect for not only woolen embroidery but also ribbon embroidery. Size 18 = 0.97 x 44.5mm (one piece), Size 20 = 0.91 x 42.9mm (one piece), Size 22 = 0.84 x 41.3mm (two pieces), Size 24 = 0.76 x 39.7mm (two pieces).


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Milliners Needle Straw Size 10 Big Eye, Quilting Needles Between Size 8, Embroidery Needles Assorted Sharp Tip Size 3-10, Chenille Needles Assorted Size 18-24


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