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How to Create a Cozy Setting for Slow Stitching

I love creating a cosy setting in which to sit and quietly stitch the hours away. Surrounding myself with comfy cushions, blankets, a vase of pretty flowers, creates a romantic, pretty setting to indulge in some therapeutic me time.

Allowing myself to prioritise quiet slow stitching time helps me get through the more mundane side of daily life, such as household chores, grocery shopping, and feeding the family. Creating a space where I can escape with my slow stitching aids in the relaxation process. I get to romanticise my life a little and take joy in simple pleasures.

So let’s set the scene with a beautiful bunch of freshly picked flowers from the garden, some favourite treats, a warming drink and settle in for some slow soothing slow stitching.
Here are my five favourite ways to create a cosy setting for my slow stitching time…

How to Create a Cosy Setting for Slow Stitching

  1. Find a comfortable place to sit that also supports your back, neck and shoulders. This might be in a cosy armchair, comfy couch or seated on a chair at your dining table or desk.

Good back support is important, pop a cushion behind you for added lumber support. I often sew while sitting on the lounge watching TV and I find that often my neck and shoulders ache as my head is tilted down looking at my work. If you suffer from this too, try placing a firm cushion on your lap that you can rest your arms on while you stitch. This will also bring your work up closer to you and help with reducing head tilting and neck strain.

  1. If you’re anything like me, you can’t sit down to relax and stitch without a nice cup of tea. Boil the kettle, get your favourite tea blend & make yourself a nice pot of tea, or a warming cup of coffee or hot chocolate. Grab a few biccies on a plate and set everything down beside you. To make this extra special, I like to use one of my vintage teacup and saucer sets, fill my tea pot and set everything down on a pretty tablecloth or doily.

My favourite day time tea is Earl Grey, but if I’m stitching at night I prefer a soothing mix of chamomile, Lavender and Rose. Of course my favourite treat to accompany my tea are delicious warm scones, but alas I haven’t yet mastered the art of scone baking. I can make a pretty good pikelet though which is the next best thing, dripping with butter and jam, Yum! I don’t get to bake very often, something I’d like to make more time for, but when I do, home baked biscuits or cake is definitely nicer and far more romantic than store bought.



  1. Before sitting down and getting comfortable, make sure you have everything you need for your slow stitching project. There’s nothing worse than sitting down and getting comfy and then realizing you’ve forgotten something and must get up again!

I keep all my most used tools in a vintage sewing basket that’s easy to carry around with me. In it I have my go to piecing thread, basting thread, fabric cutting scissors, embroidery scissors, pin cushion, needles, glue pen and refills, marking pen, SewTite magnetic pins and lip balm.

I also like to keep current projects tidy and together by using various storage methods. Compartment containers like floss boxes are great for separating my pre-basted shapes. Pretty tins, baskets or boxes are useful for keeping WIP’s together, and the handy zip lock bag is great for keeping shapes, blocks, and fabric tidy.







  1. Put on something soothing to watch or listen too. Whether it’s an audio book, some music, a podcast or a TV show or movie, make sure it’s something calm, soothing and inspiring.

If I’m stitching in my studio I tend to listen to podcasts. My favourites at the moment are A Creative Life, Craft to Career, Futuresteading, Low Tox Life, Quilt Buzz and Stitching and Co. I’ve only recently gotten into listening to audio books and occasionally I’ll listen to music.

When I’m cosied up on the lounge to stitch I’ll be watching something on TV, usually YouTube where I like to watch crafty podcasts, gardening and home decorating vloggers and slow living vlogs.

My top picks for cosy TV shows and Movies to watch are: Gilmore Girls, Anne with an E, Heartland, When Calls the Heart, Any Jane Austen adaptation, Escape to the Chateau, and romantic feel good comedies.







  1. Now it’s time to close your eyes, take a deep breath in, relax any tension in your shoulders, breathe out and say to yourself, ‘I release myself from the pressures of daily life. This is my time to relax and soothe my soul with some gentle Slow Stitching.

One of the most important things is allowing yourself guilt free permission to take this time and immerse yourself in the practice of slow stitching. Release any obligations to your family or household chores, work or study. This time is for you. Its time for you to come back to yourself, to nourish and nurture your mind and soul. Your stitching is a part of who you are, it’s one of the things that make you uniquely you. Do not feel guilty for making time for yourself to do something you love and that brings you joy.

I hope you have enjoyed my tips for creating a cosy atmosphere for some quiet, reflective slow stitching time. Do let me know how you like to create a cosy setting for your slow stitching and what you like to watch or listen to, I’m always keen to learn about new podcasts, books and TV shows.

Until next time,
Happy Stitching friend.
Miss Leela x